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How We Accidentally Created an Amazing Make-up Primer

When we first started Shake, we had just came back from a trip on the west coast of America having sampled some amazing topical CBD products - from dermal patches to shampoos, bath bombs to brownies, the USA really did have it all. We started scouring the market for topical CBD, ordering every product we found. The common denominator? Almost all of them where underwhelming. So, we decided to create our own day cream infused with CBD and off we went!

After speaking with our brilliant suppliers, we were able to formulate our very own cream formula with added sweet orange oil (a very important ingredient for reasons we will outline later).

So far, our formula has been a huge success. In fact, the Paula’s Choice Skincare Dictionary (the holy grail of ingredient research) rates our ingredients as best in class. Our cream’s base ingredient is aloe barbadensis leaf juice extract, not water, and combined with 50mg of CBD, shea butter, rosa canina and over 15 other antioxidants. This is important as these inci’s help to lock in moisture for a long period of time and give your skin a lovely glow.

After our first few sales, we had an overwhelming amount of feedback on how the day cream is a simply fantastic primer! Salon owners told us that this was, and I quote, “the best cream I have ever used”. Makeup artists started tagging us in their looks, using our cream as a base. We couldn’t believe it!

We knew any cream as hydrating as ours will keep the skin plump, providing a more even surface for application makeup. But the real difference maker is the addition of sweet orange oil, which is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It even has anti-microbial properties and has been shown to help reduce harmful bacteria on the skin without damaging good bacteria - a win-win!

You can find our cream here, or find out more about our products by clicking here.

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