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Getting Started with CBD

A Brief History on CBD in the UK
Until recently, the CBD industry was a wild west here in the UK. Poor quality products littered shelves, were untested and overpriced. Most infamously, the nation's largest healthcare retailer Holland & Barrett stocked Jacob Hooy's CBD oil, which resultantly tested in at 12x the legal limit of THC (12.4mg per bottle). If even the big players couldn't buy CBD oil in confidence, what hope did the industry have at all?
Unfortunately, the majority of CBD sceptics I speak with tell me their only experience with CBD was with the Jacob Hooy oil and that they hated the raw, earthy taste and inconsistent effects. Nowadays, CBD oils come in all different flavours and strengths, and the introduction of the Novel Foods Act ensures that suppliers are compliant, with non-compliant products not being allowed on the shelves.
So, how should I get started?
It can be confusing trying to figure out how to get started. Everybody is different and will need a different dose of CBD to invoke the desired effects. This will vary based on your age, sex, weight, health conditions and pain score.
I'd recommend starting with a 5-10mg dose and increasing daily until you feel you're getting the most out of CBD. You'll need to do some quick maths to calculate your dose; most pipettes of CBD oil have a 1ml capacity. Simply divide the mg by the ml in the bottle and you'll have your dose per pipette. For example, our bottle contains 1000mg of CBD in 30ml of MCT oil. 1000mg/30ml = 33.3mg per ml.
If that's too much effort, you can opt for CBD edibles that usually come in at 10mg per serving, giving you peace of mind and reassurance that you can calculate your dose effectively.
CBD Balms, Bath Products and Creams
If you're too sceptical of CBD to consume it orally, you can always ease yourself in by trying topical CBD for any physical pain you may be dealing with. CBD balms are designed to help reduce inflammation locally (wherever you apply it). Many consumers try oral CBD for their physical ailments, but in my opinion CBD applied to the pain site is much more efficacious. We produce the strongest balm in the country, which you can check out here.
Going Forward
Once you're familiar with your physiological response to certain doses, you can experiment with these and fine tune your overall experience. Studies have reported taking up to 600mg of CBD daily have showed no adverse effects, so you needn't worry about taking too much. You may find yourself extremely relaxed and sleepy in the upper extremities (200mg+ per day), but the average user will not need to visit here.

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