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Establishing Good Habits: Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Daily Routine

Many of us supplement every day - vitamin D for immune support, B12 for energy, fish oil for hair, skin and nails, and CBD to reduce inflammation, anxiety and improve sleep. And whilst supplements take literally seconds to take, it can still prove difficult to remember to take our pills and oils on a daily basis. So, we’ve decided to write this blog to help you etch the supplementation groove into your brain.

One of our top reading recommendations for anyone would be James Clear’s ‘Atomic Habits’. This is where we got the inspiration from this post - James manages to help us improve our daily habits by implementing frameworks and routines to maximise our potential. One of these frameworks is called ‘habit chaining’. Habit chaining is when we take our task - in this instance, remembering to take CBD oil of a morning - and chain it on to an existing task that we do without fail every day, such as drinking our morning cup of coffee. We can take this one step further and actually *add* our CBD oil to our coffee - as we continue to grease the groove, it will become second nature to do so.

Making our good habits accessible and our bad habits inaccessible is another excellent methodology to help get us on the straight and narrow. If you keep your supplements in a cupboard or drawer, you’re much less likely to take them (‘out of sight, out of mind’). By doing something as simple as keeping them next to our kettle in the kitchen, or next to your toothbrush in the bathroom, you will be served a gentle visual reminder to take them. Similarly, bad habits such as snacking and going on your phone before bed will take a huge hit if you simply don’t buy bad foods, or keep your phone downstairs at bedtime.

The brain is a habit forming machine - it is constantly looking to establish behavioural patterns as comfort is found in familiarity. Once we understand this, we can shape our daily habits in such a way that reinforces good behaviour and eradicates malpractice. Performing these good habits on a daily basis will form a chain, and the longer the chain gets the guiltier you will feel for breaking it.

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