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CBD & Motherhood - The Unlikely Synergy

When I started Shake Organics, I had little to no idea that mothers would be some of my most consistent customers. In hindsight, it was absolutely obvious - CBD is known for its calming properties, and who could be more in need of some peace and quiet than somebody who has to deal with a screaming, demanding little one?

Unfortunately CBD won't drown out the screams from your son or daughter's temper tantrum (although I wish it could!), but it can help equip us with the mindset to deal with it. Having spoken to plenty of CBD curious mums (and some dads), it is quite apparent that raising a child is one of the most physically and mentally exhausting jobs you can do. Cleaning up, cooking meals, giving lifts - and thats before you can even begin to think about yourself.

So how does CBD fit in to all this? Well, it is a broad topic that demands a lengthy and complicated answer, but I'm going to keep it simple here. The stress hormone (cortisol) is released when there is inflammation in the body. CBD has anecdotally been shown to be a potent anti-inflammatory - it has been shown that users of CBD oil and edibles feel a marked reduction in stress and anxiety when it is made a part of their daily routine.

I'm not a parent yet - and don't plan on being one anytime soon - but I absolutely understand the havoc that stress can wreak on your physical and mental health. I'm self-employed, and studied an extremely difficult degree in Economics at university without any knowledge of higher education level mathematics.

In my most stressful moments, CBD oil helped to calm my nerves and channel my focus. When I started building up a CBD routine (taking some every morning with my coffee), I noticed that the edge was taken off my sharp and pointed negative thoughts. I also went on the graduate with a First Class degree.

If you're a parent reading this post, I'd encourage you to give CBD a chance - it can often be a taboo subject, but it needn't be. Our products are fully compliant, contain 0% THC and are fully lab-tested, so you know exactly what you're getting.

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