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CBD for Cardio and Resistance Training: Why I use it EVERY day!

As some of you may know, aside from working on Shake Organics I'm also a personal trainer (@shake_strong on Instagram). More specifically, a kettlebell coach and an avid practitioner of both boxing and mobility work. In fact, it's one of the reasons I became so obsessed with CBD and its various methods of consumption!
As you can imagine, running, lifting, jumping, punching and pushing heavy weights overhead is extremely taxing on both our muscles and central nervous system (CNS). Resistance exercise in any form causes microscopic tears of the muscle which are then repaired by the body, resulting in muscular growth (hypertrophy), whilst cardiovascular exercise raises the heart rate and resultantly improves our VO2 max and overall fitness.
But what do both cardio and resistance training have in common? They both cause (necessary) inflammation in the body! This is important as blood rushes to the inflamed area, carrying critical macro & micronutrients to aid recovery. However, we can suffer from hyper-inflammation when we overtrain, fail to adhere to a good diet or are highly-stressed. This inflammation can cause malaise, pain and general discomfort.
This is where topical CBD shines. After boxing sessions my hands sometimes feel sore & stiff, so I will apply some 1200mg muscle rub to reduce the inflammatory response and allow me to continue with my day as normal. Punching is a high-velocity, rotational movement which induces pain and stiffness in the lats and shoulders, so applying rub here is another great way to speed up recovery.
Asides from the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, I also find the mental acuity from taking CBD oil pre-workout to be unmatched. It is entirely normal to feel anxious before a tough session (fear is the precursor to procrastination), so by taking CBD we can regulate our bodies response to these feelings and attack the workout with a clear mind. I'd recommend taking some around 30 minutes before you start.
But don't just take my word for it - we have already seen a plethora of athletes either promoting or founding their own CBD brands in the last few years. In the world of elite sport, the lines separating the best athletes in the world are millimeters thick, so any advantage that can be gained over competitors is a welcome one. A good diet, a good training plan and a solid CBD routine will help you excel in your sport, whether it be boxing or ballet, lifting or running.

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