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Big Sessions: Tips from a UKDFBA Junior Bodybuilder on CBD & Training

As seen in our previous blog post, CBD is quickly becoming the molecule of choice for athletes across the world. Following on from our discussion with Tom from Apex Liverpool, we wanted to dive in to the world of bodybuilding - so we got in touch with our friend (and Shake CBD athlete) Will McKeown, better known as @big_sessions.

After using our products during the build up to his very first competition, we wanted to hear straight from the horse's mouth how CBD gave Will the edge in his training and allowed him to push harder than ever before:

“Being in a calorie deficit every day is challenging both mentally and physically - as such, it is imperative to optimise every other aspect of recovery.

With sleep being of critical importance for muscle repair and cognition, I was surprised by just how relaxed I felt after using some of Shake’s CBD-infused bath salts. After a tough day of work and training, I was instantly put in a more relaxed state which allowed me to settle down for the evening and get the most out of my nights rest.

I firmly believe using CBD products had a drastic and positive effect on my training.”

Whilst Will’s story is encouraging for bodybuilders looking to incorporate CBD into their routine, there is plenty of other evidence to support his anecdote, so the sceptics amongst us can rest at ease.

Working in higher rep ranges forces blood to the muscles, stimulating an inflammatory response which forces them to grow. Whilst inflammation is necessary to put on size, too much can hamper your training, bring on delayed onset muscle soreness (or DOMS) or even injury. By applying topical CBD in the form of balms, creams and salts, we can help reduce post-workout aches and pains and train worry-free.

We are firmly of the belief that topical CBD products yield the greatest benefit for those of you who are extremely active - but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from CBD oils and edibles. Will explained how using our 500mg oil helped him focus before a workout, and took away the anxiety that can really intensify in the build up to show day.

You can browse our full range of products here, and take advantage of our early Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale by entering code ‘BFCM30’ at checkout. You can follow Will’s journey to a pro card on his instagram page, @big_sessions.

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