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Who We Are

We're Shake Organics, a Liverpool-based small business specialising in both lab-tested oils and handmade beauty products.

Coming from a background in economics, we took an interest in the rapidly expanding CBD market first in 2017 after seeing the relief it was bringing to our family and friends who suffer with sleep & mental health issues.

We started trading in early 2020 with a goal of providing affordable, quality CBD products to those who need them most. In fact, we even quit our jobs to focus solely on bringing you the highest quality products in the market!

We are expanding into other health products in late 2021, so keep an eye out on the site. Happy shopping!

We're in Redbrick Market!

We've just opened our first physical location! Come and check us out in Cains Brewery Village in the Baltic Area, Liverpool. We're always cheaper in store, too!

How do I get there?